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31-year-old Sarah Cannon, of Painesville, is a contestant in The News-Herald's Lighten Up in 2013.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Small Victories

I am probably stealing my sister's blog, but we are both proud of ourselves for the small victories that we are noticing personally!  The scale might not tell us that we have lost a lot of weight, but our bodies are telling us that something has changed.  We ran a 5K on our own on Sunday and we finished in 31 minutes.  That is amazing for us and made us excited for our actual 5K we are running next Sunday.  I have noticed that all of my pants are getting lose.  My first day back to work after having Jude, I had to use the rubber band trick to be able to wear my pants.  Now they are really baggy.  A pair of Khakis that have been tight for quite a while, I put on last week and they were actually comfortable and someone at work told me they were too big on me!  I had to buy a smaller size in jeans the other week and I added a notch on my belt!  To me, those are big victories!  Trying to stay focused on my eating and exercising this week for the big weigh in on Saturday.  I know I can do it!


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